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StrokeWatch for Windows and Windows Phone Overview

The StrokeWatch application is a stroke watch that allows you to collect the stroke rate and, optionally, the drive ratio. There are three versions of this application. Two work on Windows Phone and the third works on Windows 8.1, suitable for use on a Windows tablet.  The primary difference is that the Windows Phone 8 version provides voice output of the stroke rate for the last three strokes.

The calculation results are displayed on the screen once sufficient stroke cycles have been detected.  The values are displayed for 1, 3 and 10 strokes.  Note that missing a stroke cycle will make the calculations wrong.  If the interval between catch times is greater than 5 seconds (12 strokes a minute) the application starts a new series of stroke calculations.  If there are fewer strokes in a series than the indicated intervals the calculation will include the smaller number of strokes in the series up to that point.

The drive ratio is the percentage of the stroke cycle taken by the drive portion – the time between the catch and release.  The stroke cycle time is the time between one catch and the next.

The sessions of results can be displayed and be saved to the Microsoft cloud.  Sessions can be saved and viewed later, as well.

The StrokeWatch privacy policy is available here.

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