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StrokeRates Overview

The StrokeRates application is a stroke watch that allows you to collect the stroke rate for up to 8 boats in the same session. The strokes per minute are displayed next to each boat number. You tap the boat number at each catch or other point in the stroke to measure the rate.

The sessions of results can be displayed and uploaded to the cloud.  Sessions can be saved and viewed later, as well.

To start the timers tap on the Start button. This starts a stopwatch whose value in minutes and seconds is displayed at the top of the screen. The buttons for the boats are displayed and the current rate for any boat can be measured, displayed and recorded by tapping the boat number at the same point in the stroke. The stroke rate is displayed next to the boat number on each subsequent tap of the boat's button.

The various screens and displays in the application work, with a few exceptions, in both portrait and landscape orientation.   Any Windows Phone that supports Windows Phone 7.1 or higher is suitable for this application.  There is no need for cellular service or a SIM card so you can buy a cheap, old phone for this application.   The  uploading feature does require connection to the Internet but this can be accomplished via Wi-Fi.

The StrokeRates privacy policy is available here.

The StrokeRates application is available in the Windows Store.