Our Rowing Applications

My hobby is rowing and my profession is information systems. In 2012 I started developing applications on Windows Phone and started experimenting with a rowing stroke monitor application which is now available as RowExcel. I have also developed a few other rowing applications such as a couple of stroke watch applications. These applications are free or very low cost. My goal is to add value to those other people who wish to row.

Why Windows Phone

We know that very few folks use the Windows Phone for their ‘smart phone’ and we have no interest in changing your choice of communications device. We submit that you should look at the Windows Phone as a rowing information tool rather than as a phone.  Our applications do not require cellular service so there is no need for a contract or SIM card.  The Nokia 520, for example, is available for less than $80 and often on sale for less than $50 - without a contract. This is a small investment in improving your rowing and, most especially, your ability to get your best racing performance.


There are currently two major versions of the Windows Phone system. Windows Phone is the current release and requires certain models to operate. Windows Phone 7 operates on the older, even less expensive, models of phones. These models can be found for less than $30 in many places. All our applications are available on both versions. The primary feature available with the newer version is the ability to have voice output. The voice option is a great feature so that you don’t have to watch the phone.


Windows Phone offers you a way to get the most powerful and flexible rowing applications available at a fraction of the cost of other rowing applications.


App Name



This is a powerful and flexible rowing and paddling performance application that gathers a large number of metrics (40 currently) with selectable stroke intervals for many.  Not only does it capture the metrics but it allows you to view them during and after the sessions, including a map, showing your detailed performance.  The various data can also be uploaded to the cloud for additional analysis.


RowExcel takes great advantage of the features of Windows Phone.  In addition to having a very flexible set of configurable displays the application can speak any of the metrics at the points you specify.  RowExcel takes advantage of using GPS to track your movement toward the end of a piece, such as the finish line.  It can tell you on the screen or verbally the number of meters, strokes or seconds to the finish.


RowExcel supports totally flexible and configurable Training Plans.  The plan can contain any number of segments that specify the stroke pressure and duration in meters, stroke or seconds.  The application provides detailed information about performance of the various segments.


Adding an external Bluetooth speaker allows the entire crew to hear the metrics to help keep everyone informed.


A very flexible and powerful stroke watch that records and displays stroke rates for up to 8 boats for rowing and paddling which can be uploaded to the cloud.


A stroke watch for rowing or other paddling based sports with optional voice output.  The strokes per minute and, optionally the drive ratio, are calculated and recorded for later display.  The session results are saved for later review and can be uploaded to the Microsoft cloud.  The drive ratio is the percentage of the stroke taken by the drive portion of the stroke.


This is the most simple stop watch supporting and focused on finish split timing.  It was written to support rowing races but works great for any event where the finish line timing is to take the split times (the time between the first place and each other finisher) rather that the raw elapsed time of the race.  The application does allow the elapsed time of the first place finisher to be inserted and the computation of the raw time of each of the finishers is displayed.  Up to 8 boats can be clocked.  Also available as a Windows 8.1 application.


This application provides a changing view of various sources of information about rowing from a variety of sites on the Internet. It provides a good basis for tracking events and information about the sport of rowing.

Florida Rowing Sites


This application provides a way to find and contact the rowing organizations in the state of Florida.  The location of the boathouse for as many rowing organizations in the state of Florida is shown.  The application allows you to map sites based on their programs offered and other criteria as well as link to the organization’s web site.

South East Rowing Sites

This application provides the list of organizations in the South East United States that row. The list can be filtered to a specific state and can be sorted by various criteria.