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V3 Released!

Version 3 of the application has been released with many rower suggested changes and enhancements. The biggest enhancement is the Training Plan Option:

Application Features

RowExcel Overview

RowExcel is an application written by rowers for rowers.  We take great pride in providing excellent support and most of the features since V1 have been suggestions we have received from rowers.  RowExcel provides a great and inexpensive way to monitor and track your rowing.

The application is very flexible.  You can control what is displayed or spoken and when.  There are ten different screens that can display up to six metrics.  There are also ten audio announcements which are independent of the display screens if you install the Audio Option.  You can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and allow the entire crew to get the information, as well.

The Map Option allows you to see the piece performance on a satellite map.  Pins showing key performance summary information on the map are at intervals you define. You can drilldown from each pin to see more details. 

The Training Option allows you to create and change training plans which are comprised of segments.  Each segment consists of a duration in strokes, meters or seconds along with an intensity of pressure percentage and optional rate, split or run.  Segment performance can be displayed on the Map if that option is installed.

If you install the Race Option you can specify an end point for a piece.  An end point can be a distance, a time, a number of strokes or a geographic point such as a finish line.  The application can provide the time, distance and strokes remaining until you reach the end point based on the current performance.

The application supports the Microsoft OneDrive cloud.  You can backup and restore to the cloud as well as uploading performance data to the cloud.  You can then analyze the data using tools like Microsoft Excel.

RowExcel maintains a summary of all your rowing pieces so you can easily track your meters, strokes and time on the water for various time periods and in total.

In summary, RowExcel, provides you a complete and in-depth analysis of your rowing performance which helps you improve.

Take a look at the Quick Start and Usage Guide as linked above to see more about the application.

What you need

You need a Windows Phone capable to running Windows Phone 8.0 or higher.  Yes, we know that NO ONE uses a Windows Phone but almost no one rows, either.  Don't think of the phone as a phone but, rather, as a rowing information device.  You can buy a totally functional Windows Phone for less than half the price you pay to get your fancy 'smart' phone screen repaired.  No cellular service or contract is required!

Amazon is selling the Nokia 520 phone which is perfect for the application at less than $40 right now.  No cellular contract or service is required to get the most rowing performance and tracking information of any tool available. The only other thing we suggest is a good waterproof case to hold and protect the phone.  We use Windows Phone because it is cheaper and provides excellent features useful for the application than other devices.

We have several other rowing applications that run on Windows Phone so that even if RowExcel doesn’t work well for you there is still some value in having a Windows Phone as a rowing information tool.  Our StrokeRates application allows you to capture the stroke rate of up to 8 boats and review the rates later.  It is almost as popular as RowExcel in terms of usage.

We love the sport of rowing and take pride in helping promote and improve the sport.  We answer each and every email we get about our products and it is from the feedback of other rowers that many of the exciting new features have come.  Please let us know how we can help

The application is available in the Windows Phone Store:

Windows Phone 7 (version 1 only)

Windows Phone 8