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Main Page:

Main Page

There are 6 sections in the Main page described here as noted by the numbers in or near the yellow arrows:

1 - Start Button

As you have probably already guessed, the Start button starts the monitoring of a rowing piece. The ideal condition is when the Start button says “Start” which indicates that the application senses that the phone is stable and in a good position to detect boat motion. If the button says “Poor position” the phone is either not flat or vertical enough for best results. If the button says “Not stable” the phone is moving up and down or to the sides. Tapping the button will start the monitoring and begin the piece, regardless of what is on the button. The messages about position and stability are just warnings that the best results might not be obtained.  If you select the Show Drift on Main Screen in the General Settings then the information you select, boat speed and/or split, will appear in place of the words.

2 - Note

The note is a way for you to have a description of the piece that is about to be rowed. You can tap on this field and enter any descriptive text about the piece before tapping on the Start button. The note is saved with the piece information and displayed when you review the pieces.

3 - Pieces summary

The pieces summary lists the summary of pieces, if any, rowed during this session of RowExcel. It acts as a way to track your most recent rowing activity. You can see more detailed summary information through the Sessions button.

4 - Settings

The settings line displays the name of the currently selected setting in use. If you have installed the optional Race option the End point selected is also shown.

5 - App buttons

There are four App buttons that take to you support and setup features of RowExcel.

Settings Takes you to the settings pages that allow you to make a wide range of changes to the way RowExcel operates.
Pieces Takes you to a screen that shows the pieces you have completed with the most recent on top. You can drag the list up and down. Tap on a session time to see more details, including a map of the row with performance information.

You can drag the title of the screen to see a summary of all rows by indicated periods of time. This acts as a log of your distance and time.
Logs Takes you to a list of all the files used and generated by RowExcel. You can view any file by tapping on its name. You can upload any of the files to the Microsoft cloud or delete it. Deleting files can cause you to lose information so be careful out there.
Help Takes you to a menu that provides a variety of information about RowExcel, including this and other usage documentation.

6 - Windows buttons

The Windows Phone buttons are on every Windows Phone, usually as a part of the phone itself. There are three buttons on the bottom of the physical phone (on the right of the image above) and three buttons on the side of the phone (not pictured above).

Button Location Usage
Volume Side Top Increases and decreases the speaker volume.
Power Side middle Turns on the phone, if off, or clears the display, if on, with a sible push.  Push and hold for 20 seconds or so when on to turn the phone off, completely.
Camera Side bottom Pressing and holding takes you to the camera application.  Pressing when in camera takes a photo.  This button is not used with RowExcel.
Back Bottom left Takes you back one screen in an application, if not on the main page.  If on the main page of an application it causes the application to exit and return you to the Windows Start screen.  You can see all running applications by tapping and holding the back arrow.  You can then select another running application, if desired. 
Windows Bottom center Takes you to the indows Start screen and leaves the current application running.
Search Bottom Right This button brings up a seach screen and leaves the current application running.

Monitoring Sample Screen

Sample monitor screen

Sample Results

Sessions Sessions Summary
Sessions Sessions Summary
Map Map Drilldown
Map Map Drilldown
Map by Training Segment Segment Summary
Map Map Drilldown
Pressure Summary  
Pressure Summary